There are a number of medications and treatments which claim to treat the symptoms of arthritis and other knee pathologies. It is important to discuss with your doctor to determine the right option for you.

There are also a range of injectable products which aim to alleviate the symptoms of knee pain by using preparations that are similar to the normal knee environment. These are not curative for the osteoarthritis but rather manage the symptoms in an effort to delay surgery.


The presence of osteoarthritis in a joint (most commonly the knee) when other conservative treatment such as physiotherapy, weight loss (if required) and simple medications have failed to bring symptoms under control, constitutes a possible indication for visco-supplementation. This form of therapy may not be suitable for all patients and should be discussed with Dr Bartlett before agreeing to any treatment.


The product can be purchased by the patient directly from the supplier who can arrange delivery to Dr Bartlett’s rooms where it will be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. On the day of your consultation Dr Bartlett can inject the product directly into your knee in the proceedure room. The technique only takes about 15 minutes and you will be able to walk on the leg immediately and in the large majority of cases will have very little pain.


Patients are asked to keep a “diary” of their symptoms over a period of time to assess their treatment response which can be variable between patients.

Key Points

  • Minimally invasive

  • Can be performed in consultation room

  • Symptom relief