Knee arthritis (osteo-arthritis) is the naturally occurring age-related process as the protective cartilage wears out exposing the underlying bone. This manifests as pain, particularly at night, and is often significantly debilitating for patients impacting on their quality of life. Symptoms classically start as a dull ache but progress over time as the degenerative process continues. Patients often report that treatments which were previously effective are no longer able to manage their symptoms.


Patients that have exhausted all forms of non-operative management may be a candidate for knee replacement surgery based on the distribution and extent of their disease/arthritis. As the name suggests, a Total Knee Replacement, is considered when a patient has widespread arthritis throughout the knee. There are some medical conditions that may influence/impact your ability to undergo knee replacement surgery. Dr Bartlett will assess your suitability during your consultation.


Patients often seek medical attention once their pain and disability become unbearable which is often a sign of advanced pathology. Clinical information is correlated with weight-bearing X-rays to assess the extent of the condition and can help to guide the timing of surgery. The patella (“knee-cap”) may or may not be re-surfaced/replaced based on its involvement.

Surgical Detail

A Total Knee Replacement (TKR) involves removing the remaining worn out cartilage and replacing it with a precision metallic component that moves on a highly specialised plastic bearing. Patients report excellent improvement in pain and function postoperatively. 


Patients will typically spend a few days in hospital while they are recovering from their surgery under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Your new knee allows to stand up and walk immediately once your surgical pain is under control. Early on your physiotherapist will work with you to get your knee bending to prevent post-operative stiffness. You may need to transfer to our rehabilitation ward before going home. Dr Bartlett will review your knee 6 weeks after you leave hospital and assess your progress. 

Key Points

  • End-stage osteo-arthritis

  • Debilitating knee pain (including night pain)