Surgical Fees

Dr Bartlett's Fees

Once the decision is made to book a surgical procedure you will be given an estimate which will outline the likely cost of treatment. We will inform you of expected medicare and health fund rebates which will enable calculation of your out-of-pocket costs. You will also need to contact the hospital and anaesthetist directly to obtain their fees and charges.  

GAP Fees

Gap fees mean the amount of money between Dr Bartlett's fee and the rebate obtained from medicare and your health insurance. Dr Bartlett strives to keep this fee at an acceptable level. All patients are informed in advance of the surgery of gap fees applicable to them in relation to Dr Bartlett's fees.      


Surgical Assistant 

A surgical assistant is an important part of Dr Bartlett's team. All of Dr Bartlett's assistants are medical practitioners, and a fee does apply to their services. This fee is charged on their behalf by Dr Bartlett, and is included in your surgical fee.   


The anaesthetists fee is independent of Dr Bartlett's fees, and is determined by the anaesthetist. You will be provided with the name and number for the anaesthetist who will be looking after you on the day. Please phone them directly for an estimate of their fees. 

Form of Payment

Payments for surgical procedures are required three days prior to your surgery date. You will be provided with an Informed Financial Consent, please return this with your payment details three days prior to your surgery.  If at any time you have any questions regarding your account, please do not hesitate to give our staff a call on (07) 3834 6633. 

Hospital Fees

The hospital will charge fees separately to Dr Bartlett. In many cases these will be covered by your insurance. You are advised to contact your health insurer prior to surgery to confirm any out-of-pocket costs that may apply. 

Other Costs

Other costs as an inpatient may include medications, blood tests, physiotherapy, and/or radiology.  

If you do not have Private Health Insurance

Medicare will pay some of the fees that the surgeon, assistant and anaesthetist charge but there will be a gap to pay. You will have to pay the full cost of the hospital bed, theatre fee, prosthesis/implant, and other costs.


Brisbane Private Hospital

With a dedicated focus on the provision of quality care, Brisbane Private Hospital is a leading hospital renowned for patient outcomes in orthopaedics.  


Mater Private Hospital

The largest of Mater Health Service's private facilities, Mater Private Hospital is a flagship for the level of care and customer service the organisation strives to provide.


Mater Children's  Private Hospital

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