Surgery Fees

Dr Bartlett's Fees

When booking your surgical procedure with Dr Bartlett, you will be given an estimate to advise you of the likely cost of your treatment along with any Medicare or Health Fund rebates that may be applicable, and your out-of-pocket costs. These amounts may change if the nature or extent of the surgery changes. You will need to contact the Hospital and Anaesthetist directly to obtain their fees and charges.

GAP Fees

AMA GAP Explained

Surgical Assistant 

In addition to Dr Bartlett's fees, you will notice that there is an item number 51303 attached.  This is for Dr Bartlett's surgical assistant at the time of the procedure.  This fee will always be 20% of Dr Bartlett's fee.  


The anaesthetists fee depends on a number of factors and is determined by the anaesthetist.  Dr Bartlett has no influence over these fees and these are in addition to his own fee.  You will be provided with the name and number for the anaesthetist who will be looking after you on the day, please phone them for an estimate on their fees.  

Form of Payment

Payments for Surgical Procedures are required three days prior to your surgery date.  You will be provided with an Informed Financial Consent, please return this with your payment details three days prior to your surgery.  

If at any time you have any questions regarding your account, please do not hesitate to give my secretary a call. 

Hospital Fees

Hospital fees are again in addition to Dr Bartlett and the anaesthetists fees.  You will need to call your health fund and quote the Item Number for your surgery which will be provided to you to ensure that you are adequately covered for your surgical procedure.  It's also essential to ensure that you are covered for any use of special prosthesis.  

Your Private Health Insurance should cover the cost of your hospital and theatre bed stay costs.  

Your Health Fund may ask you to ask Dr Bartlett to participate with the GAP Cover, however Dr Bartlett does NOT participate with ACCESS GAP or GAP COVER with the Private Health Funds.

Other Costs

Other costs as an patient may include; medications, blood tests, physiotherapy, radiology.  

If you have Private Health Insurance

There will be a gap between the fees that the surgeon, assistant and anaesthetist charge and the Medicare rebate. Some of this difference is covered by your private health insurance. Your insurance will cover the hospital bed, theatre fees, prostheses and implants, and may also cover some or all of the other costs.

If you do not have Private Health Insurance

Medicare will pay some of the fees that the surgeon, assistant and anaesthetist charge but there will be a gap to pay. You will have to pay the full cost of the hospital bed, theatre fee, prostheses and implants, and other costs.

Post Operative Reviews

Dr Bartlett will see you during the aftercare period at either the two-week mark or the six-week mark depending on your surgery.  The cost of this appointment is included in the initial cost of your surgery.  Additional appointments outside of the after care period will be charged at the normal consultation rate of $150 per visit.