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Each and every patient is unique and some patients will take longer than others. For this reason it is not always possible for us to run on time and we may run late. When possible my secretarial staff will endeavour to inform you of any potential delays. You are most welcome to call ahead of your appointment time to check on how we are travelling for time. 

Payment for appointments are required on the day of the consultation, we accept payment via cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card (excluding AMEX). Following your appointment you will be issued with a receipt or we can transmit your account direct to Medicare where the rebates will be paid to your registered bank account.  

If at any time you have any questions regarding your account, please do not hesitate to give my secretary a phone call on (07) 3834 6633. 

Please bring the following to your appointment: 

  • Referral from your GP and/or a letter from your physiotherapist (if applicable).   

  • Any recent MRI's, scans or radiology images 

  • Your Medicare Card, Private Health Insurance details and DVA card (if applicable).  

  • List of any current medications

Whilst there is no fee for you to cancel your appointment, we ask that you are considerate of those waiting to get an appointment with Dr Bartlett. Please give us at least 24 hours notice of your cancellation. We will always send an email reminder the week prior to your appointment.